Introducing the next revolution in compliance software...
Announcing the next version of TEAMS Software - TEAMS 3.0

We are pleased to announce that a brand new version of our ever popular TEAMS asbestos and legionella platform is under way and due for general release in 2022.

The original solution was developed back in 2009 and proved popular almost immediately, with many consultancies taking advantage of the easy to use screens, smooth workflow processes and built in auditing and tracking facilities.

Fast forward to 2015 and TEAMS version 2.0 was launched bringing new technologies to the TEAMS web office platform. This included advances in report generation speeds and scalability, and upgrades to the sample analysis system. Version 2.0 also brought Android and iOS support to our mobile app platforms.

From the start of our journey, we have always committed to providing the industry and its organisations with the very best solutions and 2022 will see us reaffirm this commitment with the launch of TEAMS version 3.0.

Version 3 brings with it not only the latest technology, but is also packed full of new and improved ways of using the system, including; improved workflows, faster data access and new interfaces designed for both ease and speed of use!

As the V3 hits its development milestones, we will be inviting clients to come and experience the new system, and this website is part of that journey.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will update this site regularly with the latest information, new feature highlights, early access screenshots, videos and more!

We can’t wait to bring the next generation of TEAMS to you in 2022. We invite you now to take a peek at what's coming.

The TEAMS Software team

What can we expect from TEAMS V3?
Here is a small taste of what to expect in the next version of TEAMS.
A  beautiful  new visual design

Having spent time working with our clients and seeing how they use the system day to day, we have redeveloped the TEAMS interface with the user at its heart. Visual components are now naturally at your finger tips, and new visual experiences make tasks almost effortless to perform.

...Bring the speed!

Thanks to massive advances in data retrieval and processing, coupled with our new faster and more intuitive interfaces, the whole experience is now quicker than ever. Whether you are scheduling jobs, generating reports, performing sample analysis or editing data, speeds are up and so is productivity.

Our most powerful APIs

Our new platform architecture under the hood means our APIs just got a lot more powerful. Whether you are integrating your own processes, or pushing out data to third parties, a brand new API layer opens the door for new possibilities for you and your clients.

100% compatible

With such a large community behind TEAMS, we wanted everyone to benefit from the new platform upgrade. To ensure this is the case, TEAMS V3 is designed to be 100% compatible with your TEAMSV2 data. No data migrations, no imports/exports. Just upgrade and go.

Projects and Resource planning

For the first time, Projects in TEAMSV3 has become a first class citizen within the system. A whole new section brings Projects and a wealth of new resource planning and monitoring tools and facilities to the forefront. We are also excited to announce our new Gantt chart tools for projects.

Goodbye Quotes and Enquiries, hello Sales!

Quotes and Enquiries have been unleashed in V3 and are now integrated into a newly branded Sales section. With updated quoting facilities as well as new CRM style functionality and reporting built-in, TEAMS Sales aims to provide your sales team with a new central hub for bringing in new business.

...and this is just a taste of what's coming.

Each month we will be releasing new information on key new features, first look at new tools and new workflows, and showing you some of the new experiences that are coming your way in TEAMS V3.

An introduction and first look at Diary V3

Simon talks us through the journey that TEAMS has been on since its launch back in 2009, and what the new version means for clients - new and existing.

We also discuss one of the system's stand out features; the all new diary and booking facilities and how these work within the new style system design. As we can see, this all comes together to make booking appointments easier, faster than ever, and with increased visibility over other events happening within the diary.

Just some of the Diary V3 highlights
Side-by-side view

In keeping with the new overall system design, the new diary interface brings with it a brand new side-by-side view for schedulers.

A new standard speed of operation

Working within the diary is now lightening quick thanks to advances in both technology and our own understanding of how clients use the diary.

Clear and precise messaging

Improved messaging and visual alerts mean when a booking is not possible, the user knows exactly why and what to do.

Built-in, Diary orientated search and filter

Postcodes, URPNs, Street names, tenant's names... if you know it, you can search for it - and all without even leaving the diary screen.

More information is on the way so stay tuned! The next countdown has already started!
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